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PIKO Edition. | ROUAH 200

ROUAH 200 - Library

The ROUAH 200 bookcase is the starting point for a collection of objects designed by Alexandre BOUCHER which express his desire to design movement; like the delicate and powerful breath of the wind that sculpts, draws and shapes the material.

" Rouah " evokes this idea perfectly, because it literally means breath, wind or force.  An invisible force capable of producing visible effects, signs of force in motion. The wind, impossible to master, to guide, to direct, to hold back ; elusive ... yet the imagination allows us !

ROUAH 200 gives the illusion of an object constantly growing, always in motion... a growing tree, the tree of knowledge, nourished by the books that are placed there. For others, it evokes both sensuality and sweetness.

The library can accommodate a minimum of 120 books with an extremely small floor area.

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50x50x200  cm.

12mm solid oak blades and tops.

Leg in white, window grey, graphite gray or black solid oak.

Clear varnish finish.

Weight : 25.2  kg.

Made in France.

interior luxury luxurious architecture architect interior decorator living room living room made in france local eco-responsible craftsman french craftsman library store books piko edition
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We select for you and for our creations, the best materials that have the merit of being  designed in a healthy and ecological way, guaranteeing human ecology and  production ecology.


ROUAH 200 is designed in solid oak from sustainably managed French forests and controlled sources.


Download the technical sheet.

Technical sheet - ROUAH 200


Alexandre BOUCHER

Alexandre Boucher aesthetic designer balance force nature sculpt reaction emotion
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