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PIKO Edition. | Alexandre Boucher

Alexandre BOUCHER

A graduate of the Parisian school CREAPOLE-ESDI, he started out in a Parisian design agency and collaborated with various designers on several luxury item projects. These experiences give him the opportunity to found his own studio and thus allow him to develop his own creations with several publishers.


His creations come from the search for the "perfect" balance between the function and the aesthetics of the object. He  considers each new project as an "art object" and "sculpture", with the sole obsession of ensuring that the object can not only live beyond its usual function but above all, arouse a reaction, an emotion .

He is continually fascinated and admiring the beauty of nature, which constitutes a veritable library of shapes, volumes and patterns. This inexhaustible source of inspiration seduces him particularly by the way in which the wind, both powerful and delicate, sculpts, draws and shapes matter.


Many of his creations are volumes, organic shapes designed on purpose. The gaze on the object is constantly different according to the luminosity and the point of view. We thus observe a new object at each moment.

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