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The website  is managed by the company AB, a single-person simplified joint-stock company, with a share capital of €500, whose registered office is located at 27 rue Mozart, 40000 MONT-DE-MARSAN, France, registered with the Register of Commerce and Companies of MONT -DE-MARSAN under the number 833 606 759.


Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale :

Any order placed proves on the part of the customer, the acceptance of all the following general conditions of sale.

These general conditions of sale (hereinafter the "GTC") are intended to define the rights and obligations of each of the parties concerned. at. - contemporary furniture company under French law registered under number 833 606 759 - Intracommunity VAT number – FR45833606759. These T&Cs apply to the exclusion of all other conditions. The user declares to have read these T&Cs and to accept them without reservation or to have been informed that they were available to him on simple request by e-mail to These T&Cs may be modified at any time. The fact of continuing to use the services offered by the site after modification of the GCS entails the acceptance by the user of the modifications of the GCS. The applicable GCS are those in force on the day of validation of the user's order.  

Definitions :

Customer : a natural or legal person, domiciled in the territory of the French Republic or outside its territory, acting in a private and / or professional capacity, wishing to acquire one or more goods offered for sale on the Seller's website .  


Consumer client: a natural person placing an order directly with the PIKO Edition brand. or from the site  which is not part of his professional, commercial or liberal activity.


Professional customer: a natural or legal person who places an order directly with the PIKO Edition brand. or from the site  within the framework and on behalf of his professional, commercial or liberal activity.  


Customer account: a digital space exclusively available to the Customer upon entering his personal identifiers allowing him to place the order on the website


Contract : refers to these General Conditions of Sale, Appendices, Order Forms, all forming an inseparable whole.


Defect or anomaly: any deviation or non-compliance of a good with respect to its specifications and/or characteristics.


Working day : every day of the week except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


Seller : the company AB / a. - contemporary furniture. owner of the PIKO Edition brand.


General provisions  :

Absence of intra-contractual hierarchy :

The headings of the articles and paragraphs of the Agreement are intended exclusively to facilitate the organization of the text of the said articles and paragraphs, and no interpretation of the Agreement or its content can be inferred therefrom.

Probative :

The parties agree that writing in electronic form is accepted as evidence in the same way as writing on paper.  

The parties agree to keep computer records and paper copies of the messages and/or commands that they exchange for the execution of this Contract in such a way that they can constitute faithful and durable copies within the meaning of Article 1379 of the Civil Code.  

No Waiver :

The fact that one of the parties does not take advantage of the application of any of the clauses of the Contract cannot be interpreted, for the future, as a waiver of the right to take advantage of the said clause.


Settlement of disputes and disputes :

In the event of a dispute, the Customer is invited to contact the company AB / a directly. contemporary furniture whose contact details are indicated on the invoice, on the Seller's website and in this Contract.

The Seller undertakes to process the complaint as soon as possible.

If the response to the dispute provided by the Seller does not satisfy the Customer, he may contact, directly or through a consumer organization or a third-party mediator.

The Seller draws the Customer's attention to the fact that under the legal provisions in force, a dispute cannot be examined by the consumer mediator when, among other things, the consumer does not justify having tried, beforehand , to resolve their dispute directly with the professional by means of a written complaint according to the terms provided, where applicable, in the contract.

If the disagreement persists, after formal acknowledgment of it, the most diligent party may seize the competent court, the exclusive jurisdiction being that of the French courts.

This Contract, as well as any order placed directly with PIKO Edition. or from the site  are subject to French law.  

The Seller informs the Customer that he elects his domicile at his head office, ie 27 rue Mozart, 40000 MONT-DE-MARSAN.

The nullity of a clause of this Contract does not entail the nullity of the contractual whole. The canceled clause will be replaced by the applicable legal provisions.


Product offer :

The products offered for sale on the website  are presented in accordance with legal requirements and in the most accurate manner possible.

The Seller draws the Customer's attention to the fact that commercial offers have no contractual value and cannot oblige the Seller in any way whatsoever. In particular, the photos and colors of the products presented on the Seller's website are not contractual.  

The Seller draws the Customer's attention to the fact that the perfect representation of the products presented for sale on the website  cannot be guaranteed, in particular due to differences in finishes and color rendering by Internet browsers and / or computer monitors. Therefore, the Seller cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy of the photographs published on the website.

The Customer acknowledges that slight differences not relating to the essential characteristics of the products cannot justify a cancellation of the order or a refusal of delivery.  


Product prices :

The prices of the products marketed on the site  are indicated in euros, all taxes included, as well as transport costs in the case of standard delivery.  

In the event that additional costs related to the preparation or express delivery must be due, these costs are indicated to the Customer after the validation of the basket, but before the confirmation of the order.  

The Seller reserves the right to modify the prices of the products indicated on the website.  at any time and without notice, but only before the final validation of the order.  

If for the same product, two prices appear on the website in two different places, it is the price indicated on the description of the product that prevails.  


Contract subscription :

The commercial offers are not intended for minors under the age of eighteen (18); therefore, underage Customers can only place an order with the authorization of their legal representatives.  

Any order placed implies acceptance by the Customer of the price and descriptions of the products placed in the basket.  


Order taking and confirmation :

After validation of the payment, the order is deemed accepted by the company AB / a. -contemporary furniture which will confirm the acceptance of the order to the Customer by sending him an order form and an invoice by e-mail specifying:

The and/or order numbers and dates;

The details of the items ordered;

The total cost of the purchase (selling price, transport costs, packaging and any inherent insurance);

The delivery adress ;

The method of payment chosen.

Any order placed and delivered obliges the buyer to pay in full for the goods ordered.  

In the event of cancellation of the order on models with a deadline > 15 working days and occurring 7 working days before the scheduled delivery and expressed by official document, the company AB / a. - contemporary furniture will invoice the buyer for a lump sum compensation of 40% of the total amount of the order.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order of a Customer with whom there is a dispute relating to non-payment of a previous order.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel a Customer's order in the event that the price displayed online or resulting from the order is derisory, and therefore does not correspond to the actual selling price of the product, due to a technical error, a computer bug, or any other computer malfunction.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel a Customer's order in the event that payment is not due within three (3) weeks following the dispatch of the order confirmation despite one or more reminders (including the first generally takes place six (6) days from the date of placing the order).

In the event of an order cancellation, the Seller is no longer required to deliver the ordered product.


Quality of our products and services :

The quality of the services and products offered to our customers is an absolute priority. These items are made in Europe in specialized workshops. The materials used are of superior quality which explains their durability and quality.  

Our products are made to order. Manufacturing times vary according to the products and the order periods. They are specified in the descriptive information of the product and in your order confirmation.

All of our products have a manufacturer's warranty. This is 1 to 3 years depending on the product.


Delivery, terms and conditions 

We are aware of the importance of the quality of delivery. Company AB – a. - contemporary furniture and its partners offer you when they assure it of a qualitative delivery. Each item is transported in optimal conditions by highly qualified companies Out of respect for the environment, the company AB / a. -  

contemporary furniture does not overpack. All deliveries are agreed on ground floor.  

The Seller cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery caused by the indication of an erroneous or incomplete address by the Customer.  

The Customer undertakes to provide all the personal information required. This information must be complete and not erroneous, allowing its precise identification. This information is essential for the processing and delivery of orders, as well as for the establishment of invoices. The Customer acknowledges that the lack of the necessary information will inevitably result in the impossibility of validating his order and will lead to its cancellation.  

Deadlines (announced in working days or weeks) are indicative and vary depending on the item chosen and the finish selected (color, material). The company AB / a. - contemporary furniture cannot be held responsible for any delay in delivery due to manufacturing or logistical hazards which may cause an additional delivery time of 1 to 8 weeks.  

Specifically, any reimbursement qualified by a proven delivery failure will be made within 20 working days.

The Canary Islands, the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla and, in general, non-continental European territories (eg Corsica for France or Sicily for Italy) are territories of the European Union subject to special delivery conditions. For deliveries in these areas, the company AB / a. - contemporary furniture reserves the right or not of their execution. Logistic values not included in the basic prices including VAT offered may be required.

Logistics costs are a priori included in the final price of your order, depending on the circumstances and financial conditions. For our SURVIVAL table, the logistics are specified according to the circumstances (location, access, etc.) for each order.

The company AB / a. - Meublescontemporains usually provides logistics for the following countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Portugal. We can ensure, on accepted estimate, all other destinations.

The Canary Islands and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla are territories of the European Union subject to special tax conditions. For deliveries in these areas, it is necessary to make a clearance. The prices in the customer's invoice are inclusive of VAT. The customer must pay import clearance customs and tax if applicable (IGIC in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla IPSI), upon receipt of your order. Export customs clearance is provided by AB/a. - contemporary furniture and is quoted on the shipping costs. On the territories mentioned above, delivery must be agreed in advance with our company and we reserve the right not to take charge of delivery there. The customer must contact our company to agree on the shipping conditions.

For shipments to Andorra, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein, the prices in the customer's invoice are tax-free (without VAT). Once the order has arrived at its destination, the customer must pay the import customs clearance and applicable taxes in each case.

For deliveries to private customers in other countries mentioned above, the prices in the customer's invoice include the VAT currently in force in France, 20% of the total invoice.

For the territories of the countries mentioned that are subject to particular conditions of taxation, will act as in the case of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. It will be invoiced without VAT and the customer will pay the customs import clearance and applicable taxes in each case.

For companies which carry out their activity in other countries of the European Union and which have an intra-community VAT number, the prices invoiced are exempt from VAT.  

In the event of a definitive shortage of stock, the company AB / a. - Meublescontemporains contacts the Customer in order to offer him an equivalent product; otherwise, we proceed to refund it.  

The Customer MUST check the condition of the goods AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY.  

Procedures to follow in the event of a dispute upon receipt of articles. Only you can see any damage and take reservations on arrival. The "subject to unpacking" Formula has no value and cannot allow you to claim a replacement of items. The company AB / a. - contemporary furniture will not be able to take responsibility for any breakage that occurs during transport. Therefore always check the goods with the driver. In the event of a dispute, only the following reservations may give rise to an exchange:  

1 - Subject, received X broken items. (Refuse the goods by specifying on the transport voucher, that it arrived broken for example - item arrived broken, seen with the driver + date + signature - NEVER ACCEPT BROKEN ITEMS - NEVER ENTER PACKAGE INTACT, in Indeed, the package may have suffered a shock which will not be visible on the cardboard, but will have damaged the article.The company AB / a.  

2 - Cardboard ripped open or damaged (noted in front of the driver) - Note this on the delivery note.  

3 - Parcel received out of pallet. (Risk of missing or breakage). Confirm your reservations within 48 hours by registered letter with AR to the carrier (in accordance with article 105 of the commercial code) and the company AB / a. - contemporary furniture by post or by e-mail to the address:  

The company AB / a. - contemporary furniture will systematically refuse any request for credit or replacement if you do not comply with these conditions.  

The delivery of the products does not include the assembly service.


Returning items :

The Customer has the possibility, as provided for by European legislation - Directive 2011/83 relating to consumer rights - to return the products at his own expense to the company AB / a. - contemporary furniture within the legal period for exchange or refund.

Withdrawal is excluded (article 121-20.2 paragraph 3) for any product personalized or manufactured according to the consumer's specifications (fabric, base, color). Any request for exchange, cancellation or refund must be made by e-mail to the address: Don't forget to attach your complaint form, which can be downloaded from: :  

- a copy of your reservation / order / contract ;

- proof of payment (bank statement) ;

- Your exchanges of letters / e-mails with the professional ;

- A bank account statement (RIB) with your international bank details (IBAN and BIC codes) to request a possible refund.

Returned merchandise must be in perfect condition, in its original packaging, and accompanied by all accessories and manuals. Delivery and return costs remain the responsibility of the customer. In this case, any return will entail either the sending, within 30 days, of a refund check, or of a transfer equal to the purchase price of the object excluding participation in the delivery costs, or the constitution of a credit for the benefit of the Customer, after quantitative and qualitative verification of the returned products. A discount of 25% may be retained in order to cover the various management and restocking costs on the invoicing price of the goods taken back.  

Any product sent postage due or cash on delivery will be refused.

Guarantee and after-sales service :

All our items are fully guaranteed: against manufacturing defects. An efficient after-sales service is at your disposal. An invoice is issued with each order; it acts as a Guarantee Certificate and its date of issue is authentic for all of our services.  

The guarantee only applies to items used for private purposes (not collective or professional) and in accordance with the use for which they were designed.  

However, are excluded from the guarantee :

- Deterioration, damage, breakdowns, failures or defects visible on delivery which have not been the subject of reservations ;

- Deterioration, damage, breakdowns, failures or defects caused during the delivery, installation or assembly of the products ordered by the delivery person, the installer or the Customer ;

- Damage, breakdowns, failures or defects attributable to causes of external origin, and in particular, abnormal use or use not in accordance with the Seller's instructions of the products marketed, as well as damage caused by the Customer or a third party and those due to a fortuitous event or force majeure ;

- Deteriorations, damages, breakdowns, failures or defects caused by a use different from that for which the product was designed, by misuse, by a modification of the construction and / or the original characteristics or the non-respect assembly instructions, installation guide or maintenance advice ;

- Deterioration, damage, breakdowns, failures or defects resulting from or due to the singularities of the materials ;

- Deterioration, damage, breakdowns, failures or defects caused by pets or parasites from the premises of the Customer, the carrier and its agents ;

- Light bulbs, electrical equipment, batteries, batteries, as well as the replacement of electric dimmers of lighting fixtures. Under the warranty of a drive, if it proves to be defective, a new drive will be sent back to the purchaser ;

- Deterioration, damage, breakdowns, failures or defects due to the fact that the products ordered have been stored in unsuitable conditions ;

- The costs of commissioning, adjustment, cleaning and testing not resulting from guaranteed damage ;

- Repairs and damage suffered by the product after a repair carried out by anyone other than a repairer approved by the Seller;

- The costs of estimates followed or not by repair, the costs resulting from undetected defects ;

- Makeshift or temporary repairs, as well as the consequences of any aggravation of the resulting damage ;

- The costs of transport and modification of equipment in the event of a recall by the manufacturer for a series defect, or even during the replacement of a component or the article when it is still under warranty ;

- Postage and packaging costs, as well as small supplies ;

- Coverage of rechargeable lamps beyond ten (10) months.  

These stipulations cannot reduce or eliminate the legal guarantee and the conventional guarantee provided by the manufacturer.


The implementation of the guarantee is free of charge.  

To implement the warranty, the Customer must contact the Seller's customer service.

In order to benefit from the guarantee, the Customer must send the Seller an original or a copy of the invoice, photographs of the damaged furniture and the precise reason explaining the implementation of the guarantee.  

The Seller reserves the right to request additional information and documents, as well as to intervene directly or to have an expert intervene in order to observe the damage.  

The Customer is required to return the products that are the subject of a complaint.  


The Seller is required to deliver compliant products, he is responsible for any lack of conformity existing on the day of delivery of the ordered products.

The action resulting from the lack of conformity is prescribed in two (2) years from the delivery of the order.  

The Customer is required to choose between repair and replacement of non-compliant products.  

However, the Seller may not proceed according to the Customer's choice if this choice entails a manifestly disproportionate cost with regard to the other method, taking into account the value of the product or the importance of the defect. In this case, the Seller is required to proceed, unless this is impossible, according to the method not chosen by the Customer.  

The Customer can only return the product and have the price refunded or keep the price and be reimbursed part of the price when the following conditions are met :

- The requested, proposed or agreed solution cannot be implemented within one (1) month of the Customer's complaint ;

- The requested solution cannot be implemented without major inconvenience for the Customer given the nature of the product and the use it is looking for.  


The Seller is bound by the guarantee against hidden defects of the product sold which render it unfit for the use for which it is intended. The action resulting from latent defects is prescribed within two (2) years from the discovery of the defect. The Customer can either return the product and have its price refunded, or keep the product and be refunded part of the price paid. The Seller may also offer the Customer the replacement of products tainted with a latent defect.


The Customer wishing to apply the legal warranty clause must inform the Seller of the presence of the defect as soon as it appears by sending him a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt accompanied by photographs of the product to the address of the company AB / a. - contemporary furniture.


The Customer must comply with the return conditions specified by the Seller's Customer Service.

The cost of returning products that are non-compliant or tainted with a hidden defect are the responsibility of the seller. Also, in the event that the Customer chooses the option of replacing the product, the costs of sending the exchanged product are the responsibility of the Seller.


Data Privacy :

You have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you. To exercise this right, you must contact us directly at: The company AB / a. - contemporary furniture undertakes never to communicate, free of charge or with consideration, your contact details to a third party.  


Termination clause and applicable law :

In the event of non-fulfilment of one of these obligations by one of the two parties, this contract will be automatically terminated without any particular formalities and without prejudice to the damages that could be claimed from the defaulting party. Any dispute on the interpretation or the execution of the terms of the contract of the "General Conditions of Sale", any dispute, will be held for arbitration by the Commercial Court. In case of refusal of any conciliation, the law will have sole jurisdiction, by the Commercial Court on which depends the company AB – a. - contemporary furniture.


Use of the website  www. p :

The content of the website  is the intellectual property of the company AB / a. - contemporary furniture and its partners, this content is protected by French and international legislation relating to intellectual property.

Accordingly, said content may not be copied, reproduced and/or recorded, directly or indirectly, without Seller's prior written permission.  

Otherwise, such a copy, reproduction or recording will constitute an offense of counterfeiting.


Navigation on the website  is the sole responsibility of Internet users.

The Seller cannot be held responsible for any incident beyond its jurisdiction, in particular for any breakdown, error, computer virus, etc. due, among other things, to a cyberattack or hacking, which could hinder the continuity of access to its website.

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