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PIKO Edition.


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"The preservation of our environment is one of our concerns, which is why we attach great importance to the choice of our materials and the selection of our partners."

Passionate about design, we are creators and publishers of furniture environmentally friendly.


Our philosophy is to give life to the most original ideas, putting our craftsmanship at the service of creativity. We suggest a humble and enthusiastic approach to design offering a simple, aesthetic and functional product concept. Each object is thus different, unique both in form and in use, and born of a passion for design.

All our products are made to order with the aim of offering you the part that suits you.


Concerned about respecting and preserving our planet, we systematically integrate, in conjunction with our designers, several strict environmental criteria when designing our products.

We select for you and for our creations, the best materials which have the merit of being designed in a healthy and ecological way, guaranteeing human ecology and production ecology.

You are more and more concerned about a cleaner future, so are we!

You want to be able to consume a product without feeling guilty about its environmental impact, so do we !

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"We are  particularly proud to be able to work with several labeled companies  « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant  », mark of recognition for their know-how of excellence."


For each of our creations, PIKO Edition. is surrounded by international designers and mainly French craftsmen located in Nouvelle-Aquitaine who share the same sensitivity for elegance and generosity. We work daily, for the design of our products, with several sectors of activity  : upholstery, rotomolding, plastics, metallurgy, cabinetmaking, tanning…


We know, according to your needs, to make exist a specific model that we do not edit  ! Our creators and designers, in conjunction with our workshops, can bring this particular need to life.


Whatever your project, we provide a tailor-made response.

piko edition label EPV excellent French know-how entreprise patrimoine vivant
"At PIKO Edition., our values are not just declarations of intent but are  many daily realities. They have guided us since the creation of the brand and are for us the fundamental element of our identity ."
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