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HARMONY - Gabriel

Distinguished by its exceptional durability and simple beauty, Harmony is the epitome of understated elegance !

Crafted from ultra-fine yarns, Harmony has a beautiful matte finish and an exquisitely delicate look that contrasts starkly with the fabric's superior strength and durability.

Beauty is in the details...

At first glance, the fabric appears to be a true solid color, but up close it is revealed to have more dimension and depth. Light and shadow fluctuate across the surface, and as the underlying dark color stands out, the surface of the fabric comes to life.

Harmony is available in 31 beautiful shades inspired by the colors of stones and minerals. The color scale offers a multitude of blues and greens Thus  a diverse selection of warm and vibrant fall reds and oranges. Grays in all shades and trendy tints like delicate pink and dark purple are also available.

While many shades of gray are inspired by classic menswear, the many blue colors offer a distinctive blue denim look and the ability to create contemporary denim decor and furniture.

Harmony fabric is one of the toughest fabrics in the world with a Martindale rating of 200,000.

Features  :

Composition : 85% natural wool – 15% polyamide

Weight : 470 g / ml

Martindale : 200,000

Pilling : 4 (scale 1-5, max 5)

Color fastness to light : 5-7 (scale 1-8, max 8)

Color fastness to rubbing : 4-4.5 (scale 1-5, max 5)

Environment :

We select for you and for our creations, the best materials which have the merit of being designed in a healthy and ecological way, guaranteeing human ecology and production ecology.


HARMONY is certified ecological, respectful of the environment and ensures the absence of many toxic chemicals dangerous to health (heavy metals, pesticides, formaldehydes, etc.) according to the following labels:


- OEKO-TEX Standard 100

oeko tex standard 100 label certified textile without toxic chemicals harmful to health organic organic piko edition designer furniture
European ecolabel label labeled non-toxic textile without toxic chemical products harmful to health
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