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PIKO Edition. | PROUVE 70 & 105

PROUVE 70 & 105 - Coffee / nesting tables

PROUVE is a reference to Jean Prouvé !

The coffee tables have an obvious architecture, however, original.

The tops are perfectly placed on their structure, slightly offset, revealing the light and thin legs.

They can be arranged as you wish, alone, nested or at the end of the sofa.

nesting coffee tables proven design 70 105 wood recycled plastic Le pavé epoxy steel black white piko edition
nesting coffee table proven 105 70 steel wood top black white lacquered recycled plastic le pavé design piko edition editor edition furniture designer sergio ballesteros


PROVES 70 - 70xH40 cm (3 feet).

PROVES 105 - 105xH35 cm (4 feet).

Structure / base in steel, 12 mm in diameter, black epoxy.

Top in 15 mm thick MDF with matt white or black acrylic lacquer.


Tray 15 m thick in Le Pavé recycled plastic, Mineral, Floral or White texture.

Non-slip floor supports.

Made in Spain.

Colors :

Wooden top : White or Black

Le Pavé Tray : Mineral, Floral or White texture

jean prouvé design designer pull-out coffee table living room living room decoration decorator piko edition sergio ballesteros editor made in france nouvelle aquitaine piko edition


We select for you and for our creations, the best materials which have the merit of being designed in a healthy and ecological way, guaranteeing human ecology and production ecology.

The structure ​ PROUVE 70 & 105 steel is fully recyclable.

The Le Pavé recycled plastic tray is made in France and comes from a process that allows almost all types of plastic to be recycled, without adding resin or dyes.

It is certified :

- healthy (laboratory tested and certified non-toxic CovA+ and EN7 1-3);

- produced locally from French waste ;

- recycled from French plastic waste ;

- recyclable and fire resistant M2.

Floral Texture :

Speckled: ground HDPE from the sorting bin. White base: shampoo bottles.

Mineral Texture :

Speckled: scraps from pharmaceutical production, milk bottles, Cola Zero black caps or car tanks. White base : shampoo bottles.

White Texture :

Transparent: off-cuts from pharmaceutical production, cosmetic off-white. White base: shampoo bottles.

With PROUVE 70 , it's 4 kg of recycled plastic and 6 kg of CO2 saved !

With PROUVE 105 , it's 9 kg of recycled plastic and 13.5 kg of CO2 saved !


Download the technical sheet.

Technical sheet - PROVE 70 & 105



Sergio ballesteros designer espana spanish industrial engineer jean prouvé precise sober design valencia
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