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PIKO Edition. | Marine Peyre

Marine PEYRE

A pop and fun soul !


After a first course in architecture, Marine Peyre graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Marseille, then holds a DNSEP design option in 1998.


In 2001, she made a remarkable entrance on the design scene by creating the brand "Cooked in Marseille".  and then distributes a collection of silicone objects inspired by the popular aesthetic of the beach and " Tupperware ", some elements of which will be widely distributed by  Galleries Laffayettes in Paris, Sketch in London and the MOMA boutique in New York.

She is also involved in several large-scale projects in the south-east of France for several years.

Based in Paris since 2001, Marine Peyre founded her furniture publishing house, Marine Peyre Editions, within which she designs and markets collections of flexible and modular seating, 100% made in France. Its collections are now adopted by renowned companies and cultural venues, such as Crédit  Agriculture, the City of Sciences,  the Longchamps Racecourse, Vacances Bleues...

She works in parallel as artistic director with several fairs and exhibitions, and collaborates with several renowned publishers.

Marine Peyre affirms her  philosophy, describing a playful and pop universe which favors games of multiple interlocking and modularity, the use of offbeat materials, expressive and colorful forms, uninhibited attitudes, at the interdisciplinary limits of art, space and design. At no time does Marine Peyre impose her diktat, she speaks to you with her vocabulary of shapes, proportions, to help you create your own language of objects and space.

"Play, Dare, Create, Change, Start Over, Invent.

My design moves, with do what you please."

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