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PIKO Edition. | CUBA


CUBA is a leather of extraordinary quality ! CUBA is undoubtedly one of the finest leathers ever  realized.

It is naturally tanned without the use of heavy metals like chromium.

CUBA is an uncorrected* and unrectified** full-grain leather made from bull skins of French (Bretagne and Normandie) and German (Bavière) origin intended for  furnishings.

All our skins are carefully selected by hand before being naturally tanned.

All our skins are tanned to order and according to the customer's choice directly via a RAL or Pantone type color chart. During  each tanning, a sample is systematically sent to the customer so that he can validate the color selected with the sole and sole aim of fully satisfying him.

Our leather is tanned in one of the oldest French tannery located in the Grand-Est region. It combines a tradition of more than a century with the tailor-made manufacture of the leathers desired by its customers. Our tannery is labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, which aims to distinguish French companies with excellent craftsmanship and industrial know-how. The EPV label is a mark of recognition of the French State awarded by the Minister of Economy and Finance.

Characteristics :

Thickness 1.2 - 1.4mm

BS 5852 flame retardant standard (cigarette / match)

94 grit

Colors :

All colors from RAL or Pantone color systems.

Environment :

We select for you and for our creations, the best materials which have the merit of being designed in a healthy and ecological way, guaranteeing human ecology and production ecology.


CUBA is naturally tanned. It is certified ecological, respectful of the environment and ensures the absence of chemicals hazardous to health (heavy metals:  chrome…) according to European regulations  :


Chrome-free tanned leather naturally natural grain quality natural without harmful toxic chemicals

* / **: Our skins are meticulously selected but  may have some imperfections such as scars from insect bites.

Despite the care taken in the selection of skins, these possible imperfections are inevitable but guarantee the natural appearance of our leather.

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