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PIKO Edition. | Les 10 Chaises

"Les 10 Chaises" - Collection of chairs

Ten different and original chairs that form a beautiful tribe !

These are "The 10 Chairs", they each have their own little character...

In the kitchen, in an office, a bedroom, around a table... on your terrace, "Les 10 Chaises" are there, with greediness and functionality !

There is the Coquette, with her pretty shapes... The Timide is slightly rounded, the Intellectuelle is chocolate, the Enthousiaste, orange, seems to raise her arms to the sky, the Entêtée sees red...

Then, the Energique, the Distinguée, the Elégante, the Capricieuse and finally, the Sage !

Each chair has its own design, ergonomics and color  !

Collection 10 chaises funny colorful chair piko edition wooden chairs The 10 Tsé & Tsé Chairs Tsé tsé made in france made in france indoor outdoor shape color
Les10Chaises Elégante orange yellow chairs design tsé tsé piko edition designer architect decorator interior kitchen living room living room kitchen exterior interior piko edition


Matt finish veneer, oiled edges. The edge reveals the plywood of the shell.

Indoor and outdoor use (unlimited meteorological universe).

Matt black lacquered metal base.

Height 79cm.

Width 42cm.

Depth 41cm

Seat height 43.5  cm.

Seat depth 35 cm.

Made in France.

no future ! david david tsé tsé piko edition the 10 colorful fun chairs shapes colors made in france made in france wood pefc wood artisan crafts new aquitaine editor designer furniture eco responsible piko edition
tsé tsé piko edition editor furniture furniture decorator eco ecologically responsible green wood wood craftsman piko edition
Les 10 chaises tsé tsé Enthousiaste orange wood decoration piko edition


We select for you and for our creations, the best materials that have the merit of being  designed in a healthy and ecological way, guaranteeing human ecology and  production ecology.

The shell of the "10 chairs" collection is made of solid beech from sustainably managed French forests and controlled sources.

The glue used for the design of the hull is of the "as wood" type, ie it contains as little formaldehyde or phenol as the beech wood itself.

The metal legs of the "Les 10 Chaises" collection are totally recyclable.


Tsé & Tsé

design paris april vase workshop made in france craftsman craftsmanship


Download the technical sheet.

Technical sheet - The 10 Chairs

Les 10 chaises entêtée red tsé tsé associées made in france new aquitaine moors south west craftsmanship ecological know-how green piko edition
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