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PIKO Edition. | ARY

ARY - Modular seats

ARY is a (r)evolutionary modular universe !

ARY has been specially designed for living, working, reading, listening, sharing, discovering...

ARY adapts perfectly and with intelligence to the architecture of a place, a need, a function, an imperative use.

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ary bench sofa sergio ballesteros piko edition design fireside armchair sofa ecology ecological wood fsc wool select gabriel oeko tex ecolabel piko edition editor


Armchair ARY 1 - 96x80x66 cm.

ARY 2 sofa - 170x80x66 cm.

ARY 3 sofa - 170x80x66 cm.

Bench ARY 4 - 170x80x40 cm.

Bench ARY 5 - 170x80x40 cm.

Bench ARY 6 - 170x80x40 cm.

ARY 7 sofa - 170x80x60 cm.

ARY 8 sofa - 170x80x60 cm.

Sofa ARY 9 - 170x80x60 cm.

ARY 10 bench - 170x80x40 cm.

Bench ARY 11 - 170x80x48 cm.

Sofa ARY 12 - 170x80x110 cm.

Sofa ARY 13 - 170x80x110 cm.

Seat height : 40 cm.

The shelves of modules 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 13  are in black lacquered wood.

Structure of the seat, back and armrests in solid beech.

Seated, back and armrests made of High Resilience polyurethane foam of different densities and pressed fibres.

Seat and back suspension by elastic straps.

Black lacquered metal feet.

Non-slip floor supports.

Made in Spain.

Coatings :


XTREME CS M1 fabric

ary sergio ballesteros piko edition edieur furniture design eco responsible ecological craftsman local crafts know how experience piko edition editor
ary bench daybed coworking cowork exchange work work company society waiting rest exchange piko edition new aquitaine landes piko edition editor


We select for you and for our creations, the best materials that have the merit of being  designed in a healthy and ecological way, guaranteeing human ecology and  production ecology.

SELECT wool is certified ecological, respectful of the environment and ensures the absence of many toxic chemicals dangerous to health (heavy metals, pesticides, formaldehyde, etc.) according to the following labels :


- OEKO-TEX Standard 100

the  fabric  XTREME CS M1  is certified  ecological, respectful  of the environment and ensures the absence of many toxic chemicals dangerous to health (heavy metals, pesticides, formaldehydes, etc.) according to the following label :

- OEKO-TEX Standard 100

The structure of the seat, back and armrests of the ARY collection  is made of solid beech from well-managed forests and certified according to the following label :


The metal legs of the ARY collection are  totally recyclable.


Download the technical sheet.

Technical sheet - ARY

fsc well-managed forests sustainably wood wood organic organic ecological eco-friendly eco-design eco-design eco-responsible planet
European ecolabel label labeled non-toxic textile without toxic chemical products harmful to health
oeko tex standard 100 label certified textile without toxic chemicals harmful to health organic organic piko edition designer furniture



Sergio ballesteros designer espana spanish industrial engineer jean prouvé precise sober design valencia
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